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So, it looks like Ghostbusters '16 won't be getting a sequel. This is unfortunate: I rather liked that this whole enterprise took something inevitable (rebooting a hit movie) and used it in the service of giving the finger to whining manboys who go on about political correctness and the like. That said, if you *do* use your reboot to make a point like this, your script and concept have to be absolutely bulletproof, because you'll be fighting an uphill battle. Too, there was one point in particular where I thought the concept wasn't as fully developed as it might've been (SPOILERS)

For example... )
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Why do I feel as though Trump watches the Parallax recruitment film every night?
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Every time I read about how Suicide Squad means DC movies are pathetic, I imagine movie execs shoving their Fantastic Four posters a little further back in their closets, with a mixture of guilt and relief.
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Got the check for my editing work yesterday; celebrated by seeing the new Ghostbusters.

First off: Love how many people have been like GOD I'D EAT MY OWN FOOT BEFORE I ATE PAPA JOHN'S (a sentiment I agree with wholeheartedly); I really hope that that particular bit of product placement was a sly bit of character deliniation on the director's part (ie, they're such outcasts at the beginning that even their food is uncool).

It's not the sublime star vehicle the original is; for a lot of this, Wiig and McCarthy seem weirdly subdued, as though they were acting in a drama, not a comedy. (And yes, some of the comedy with Leslie Jones's character is rather awkward; Kate McKinnon is the breakout star here.) Overall, though, director Paul Feig found the right plan of attack of this reboot; I enjoyed the movie's not-so-subtle digs at entitled fanboys; Chris Hemsworth is surprisingly adept as a comedian. B+ to the original's A+.
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Thanks to online memes, I've wound up playing one of those games where you list x number of your favorite films (the idea is that if you comment on this post, I'll give you a random number to make up your own list). My number was 15, so:

1. Seven Samurai
2. Citizen Kane
3. Do the Right Thing
4. Invasion of the Body Snatchers '78
5. The Terminator
6. Strange Days
7. McCabe & Mrs Miller
8. All That Jazz
9. Apocalypse Now
10. The General
11. Mikey and Nicky
12. Big Trouble in Little China
13. Sense and Sensibility '95
14. Knightriders
15. The Empire Strikes Back

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And this, as it turned out, was pretty much the last time I socialized with any substantial part of the old Rose's Turn (NYC piano bar, now gone) crew. Velma and Soren had already moved west; a person I'd known online since forever had come to visit NYC, new husband in tow; we made plans to all meet at Emporio, a restaurant I'd heard of, but never frequented.

I was walking up the sidewalk towards the restaurant, 90 percent sure that the couple in front of me were M and her husband... when my phone rang. Someone I'd known from online had just tried to commit suicide.A moment to decide: do I bag, and go home? Do I mention this, and impede their honeymoon? Do I grit my teeth, and get through it? I opted for choice C; it went well enough (and the person the call had been about hasrecovered, and is quite possibly reading this). I'd thought at the time that I was hiding it well enough; this photo makes me wonder about that- but considering that it was fairly well the last gathering of an old group (at least, with me present), perhaps not inappropriate. )
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Random: in the course of helping move a friend-of-a-friend's stuff from my spare room to a storage facility today (he'd come down with hospital-serious Creeping Death- cardiac variety), I actually got to see one of my close friends at my house, for the first time ever. While hosting social gatherings ordinarily has all the charm for me of filing taxes, I was amused to discover that the (negligible) sociable part of my brain had suddenly engaged, and was all HEY YOU CAN THROW A FORMAL DINNER PARTY WHERE THE GUESTS ARE SEATED ON SOFAS, RIGHT...?
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Well, I'm about to start editing my first manuscript for the new job; God, it's good to be back in the game. (Tell you one thing: I'd a fuck's sight rather be checking names and other data for a Japanese manga than fact-checking oncology-related copy. No contest at all.)
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tl;dr news recap- England shouts "Fuck that alligator!"; jumps into pond.
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"It's amazing what people will rationalize to themselves after the fact, as long as they can pretend to themselves that you were using the Jedi mind trick (I wasn't). However, the Jedi 'tie a cherry stem into a knot with your tongue' dexterity test, which I understand has now passed into the general populace, is quite another matter. Not the least awkward moment of my training with Yoda, but it paid off in the end..."
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I have a sudden whimsical vision of people mailing glitter to the NRA; apropos of nothing, and purely as a matter of random trivia, their mailing address is National Rifle Association of America, 11250 Waples Mill Road, Fairfax, VA 22030.
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HAL: "Well, I successfully completed the Turing test; how'd you do on the Voight-Kampff test, Dave?"

Dave: "..."
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Something wonderf- umm... let's just say 'unforgettable.' (Actually, bits of this inadvertantly sound intriguingly like the Ligeti from later in the film.)
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Am currently not bringing my A-game; as I woke this morning from a nightmare in which my father had died, that may not be surprising. Have spoken to him; he's okay; the day continues.
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I'm reading the original 1969 John Milius script for Apocalypse Now; I'm weirdly disappointed to read the line, "Charlie doesn't surf."
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